Social Media And Your Company

When it comes to your business, how can you integrate marketing and social media into your business plan?

Marketing is the action or business of researching, planning, executing, promoting and selling products or services. Social media is a communication medium that enables users to create content, share content or participate in social networking.

Social media as a medium is very different from traditional media for two reasons. First, the activity is largely public and accessible to marketers for research. Second, the medium allows for bi-directional communication, evidently direct and indirect. Social media marketing strategies that work must have the distinct features and balance the ways a brand can be promoted, and just as important, monitored for traffic. So a strategy of only posting two tweets a day is not an effective strategy at all.

A real strategy incorporates all the available tools to research your audience, react to your audience, and monitor them as well. The goal is to develop your personal brand reputation, publishing valuable content and promoting your business to get results.

Actual results can differ and be deceiving because they don’t always translate to actual sales. An indirect positive result can simply be building awareness, trust, and authority. In fact, social media isn’t often found to drive direct purchases unless it’s by way of a discount or promotion.

Social media is more often used to discover by word of mouth, a source of discussion for research, and a source to connect. This connection is through people, to a company. Because it’s bi-directional, it is unique from other marketing platforms. A few ways that social media marketing help businesses are that you can showcase your brand by word of mouth, you can develop a loyal following, you improve customer service because an audience is watching your interactions with people.

You increase digital exposure and boost traffic with links and fans and followers to expand sales or even reach an entirely new market audience. Once your business reaches desired momentum by trending growth and followers, shares and clicks will ultimately drive down costs while increasing demand.

Article written by Jose Saenz