Marketing Lessons From 2015 To Bring Into 2016

As the year 2015 wrapped up we were already looking toward 2016. It is important to reflect on the past year in order to see the trajectory of the upcoming year. Here are some trends we see occurring in 2016.

The world of marketing took many different directions in 2015. There was a noticeable shift that took place amongst consumers that marketers quickly had to understand in order to better reach their target markets. The shift that took place started when consumers switched from being brand loyal to realizing the amount of choices they had. This caused marketers to over communicate their benefits and unique features to their audiences.

Getting and keeping consumers attention became more difficult in 2015. Everyday more distractions were popping up on consumer’s personal mobile devices and across media platforms. In order to compensate for this marketing is going is becoming even more targeted to its audience in order to captivate them.

Lastly, there is going to be a huge focus on researching the hidden reason why people are more receptive to certain types of marketing over others. This isn’t something new. However, it may become a major interest in 2016.