How Being Outdated Is Hurting Your Business

Are you thinking about using that catchy Got Milk advertisement phrase in an upcoming marketing campaign? Are you about to post a video of your fun and entertaining version of the Harlem Shake? If so, you should probably reconsider these actions. Why should you opt to not run that campaign or post that video? The simple answer is because these two once viral sensations are quickly becoming more outdated and irrelevance by the second.

You may be asking yourself, what is the problem with broadcasting outdated material? When you choose to update your website or social media platform with this type of content you are sending a message to your audience. This message states that you are not familiar with the most up to date topics and trends that are currently taking place around you. Therefore, you may lose your audience’s attention because they think you are out of touch. This can be very damaging especially if you are in the technology or fashion industry.

Every business should always try to prove to their audience that they are caught up on everything that is taking place at that moment in time. In fact, businesses should always be striving to create the next big viral sensation. So the next time you are thinking about posting a video of you dancing to Gangnam Style or posting content on social media about #BreakTheInternet. Stop and remember what you read in this article.