The Disadvantages of Flash Based DIY Site Builders

Did you know that some DIY site builders are created with Flash? Having your site built using Flash is not going to aid your online presence. Using Flash is not suggested because it is not search engine friendly. In fact, search engines such as Google recommend that you limit your use of flash on your website whenever possible.

Another issue with Flash is that often times it is used to make it seem like you have a multiple page website when in fact you have a 1-page website. Having a website that is built on one page will decrease the amount of original content that can be crawled by Google. Being unable to publish content can hurt the total number of keywords you can have on your site. When your site lacks keywords it can be hard to find when people are searching for the type of product or service you offer on your website.

When you use a Flash-based DIY site builder you are setting your website up for failar in many different ways. This is why we suggest you stay away from the type of company’s that offer the quick, easy, drag and drop method of building a website.