Case Studies

Case Studies

Arena Theatre – Houston, Texas

The Arena Theatre was underutilizing their social media platforms to create awareness and increase ticket sales for upcoming concerts, comedy shows, and sporting events. They were relying heavily on traditional marketing to promote to potential ticket purchasers to visit their website.

Our team developed a comprehensive social media strategy that consisted of daily posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also instituted the use of social media advertising that targeted potential ticket buyers through the use of images and video campaigns. The Adversavvy team went one step further and started running PPC campaigns for several concerts. In order to create brand awareness, we created and ran Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters that users could use during the event they were attending.

We successfully increased audience size and engagement on each social media platform that was covered by the strategy. The social media advertising and PPC campaigns significantly increased visits to their website. Website ticket transactions saw an increase of 85% as compared to the previous year.

Smart Shield Security – Houston, Texas

The owner of Smart Shield Security had the opportunity to submit a bid to offer his company’s security services for Super Bowl LI in Houston, Texas. In order to qualify he needed to prove that he had enough potential individuals interested in being part of the security team for the big game.

Our Team used a cross media strategy to target potential hires using social media advertising, a PPC campaign, and a landing page. The social media advertising campaigns and PPC campaigns targeted individuals looking for short term employment and who had an interest in the security industry. Those who clicked on the campaigns were directed to a landing page where they could fill out a pre-employment form.

Over 1,000 individuals visited the landing page as a result of clicking the advertisements and filled out the pre-employment form. This allowed to owner to meet his quota and become one of the providers of security services for Super Bowl LI.

Case Studies